Tattoo / Illustration / Design

Traditional Art


I love the United States of America. In these drawings I present feelings that I have for this awesome nation, and worries about its future.



The Apple is the first symbol I remember as a representation of sin. I use the Apple to simplify the idea of sin,  show a causation, or what is assumed to be the cause of the sin,  and allow the viewer to interpret what they see. Rather than put the blame wholly on the cause, I’d like to promote accountability for their succumbence.



I love Tattoos and get asked to design them all the time. I’ve started exploring the idea of taking the average tattoo and doing a full piece. Not just a tattoo painting in basic watercolor, which is seen in every tattoo parlor, but a leap further. This way, not only will the client have their tattoo to admire, but also a work of art to display in their homes.