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Let a New Series Begin…

So I’ve been thinking that I’d like to take this idea and run with it. What idea you ask? Well I get asked all the time to draw tattoos for people, so I figured why not make it a total package? I can draw the tattoo, get the line work to make things a bit easier for the prospective tattoo artist, and lastly, draw a full size rendering of the tattoo. I don’t think it’s a new idea, you’re right. But I’d like to take it a bit further than the typical watercolor painting everyone sees in the local tattoo shop. So, this would be my first attempt, and I’m must say I’m rather proud of it.

Thanks for the visit…

This is loosely based off the North Western Native American story: How Raven Stole the Sun.
This drawing is particularly important to me. It’s a memorial tattoo I’ve been thinking of for many years after an experience some friends and I had in Alaska.

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